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Georgia is growing

The U.S. Census Bureau released population numbers Tuesday and the results show that Georgia’s population grew by 18 percent over the last decade and the state will pick up a 14th seat in Congress.
According to the 2010 Census, Georgia’s population was 9,727,566 as of April 1.
Specific Grady County and Cairo data have not yet been released, but the Census Bureau says the city and county date will be released in coming weeks.
The South led the nation in growth by adding 14.3 million people, followed by the West, which added 8.7 million residents.
Georgia is one of eight states to gain at least one congressional seat, while 10 states will lose at least one and 32 remain unchanged.
Neighboring Florida picks up two seats and South Carolina picks up one.
Georgia’s new congressional district will likely be added in the northern suburbs of Atlanta.
The increase in the state’s population also gives the state one additional vote in the Electoral College.
The nation’s population as a whole grew 9.7 percent to 308,745,538.

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