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JDA assists Big Bend Agri Services’ expansion

The Grady County Joint Development Authority is making it easier for a local business to expand its operations here and at the same time generate additional rental income for the Heritage Industrial Complex.
Authority members have approved a five-year lease with Big Bend Agri Services of Cairo for rental of approximately 13,000 square feet of warehouse space at the Heritage Industrial Complex.
Authority member Chuck Thomas, who brokered the deal, said that the authority had offered a premium rate of $2,000 per month since Big Bend is an existing employer and basically needs additional warehouse space for a joint venture with a business partner. Additionally, Thomas told authority members the new project would likely create two or three new jobs.
Under the terms of the lease, Big Bend will pay for any improvements necessary at the former Roddenbery pickle plant facility.
Newly installed JDA Executive Director Tom Berry complimented Thomas for his work on the project and shared a note from Monty Ferrell of Big Bend Agri Services that commended the JDA for being accommodating and helpful.
Berry also briefed authority members on a project he has developed for routine visits with existing local industries to develop better relationships and to educate employers on ways the authority can assist them.
“We need to let employers know we are interested in them being here and to see if there are any problems they are having we can help them with, or expansions,” Berry said.
Berry says it is important that these site visits be made a minimum of every three years.
Thomas suggested it would be beneficial for members of the authority and chamber board of directors to split up in teams to make the employer visits. Berry agreed, and said he will put together a list of local industries and a proposed schedule to bring before the authority.

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