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Mulholland meets with Addleton on CNS theft case

The cable theft case involving a former city of Cairo employee, Cairo’s former fire chief and three others may go before a Grand Jury this fall. District Attorney Joe Mulholland met with Cairo City Manager Chris Addleton Tuesday to discuss the case.
“I’ve not gotten the file yet (from the GBI) just because it’s so big. I’ve been in touch with the city to get a resolution they’ll be satisfied with,” Mulholland says, “I’m going to try to get it on the next Grand Jury for sure.” A Grand Jury, a panel of randomly selected registered voters, would determine if there is enough evidence to warrant a trial. Grady County’s next Grand Jury is scheduled for Sept. 27.
In this case, Tiffany Erin Fowler, 29, is charged with giving cable away for free to four other people, including her husband, former Fire Chief Don Towne; James Whigham, her father; and two others, Allan Womble and Christine Tuning.
Fowler is charged with five counts of computer theft for allegedly using a government computer to steal cable services, and five counts of theft by taking, all felonies. Whigham is charged with two counts of felony theft by taking. Towne, Womble and Tuning are each charged with one count of felony theft by taking. Tuning faces an additional charge of false statements of jurisdiction of state.
Whether each defendant will be tried separately or together remains to be seen. “Once I get the file and look at it all myself, I’ll make that decision,” Mulholland says.
In December 2009, city officials asked Mulholland and the GBI to investigate an alleged theft of $150,000 from city coffers. That probe has resulted in these arrests, so far. The GBI has said the investigation is ongoing.

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