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International firm could locate operation here

Local development officials are continuing to work with prospective new employers, one of which is an international firm, according to Joint Development Authority Executive Director Brian Marlowe.
Grady County is one of many prospective sites in Georgia that is being pitched to an international firm by Georgia Power Company development officials. Code named Project Leaf, Marlowe says the prospect would make an estimated $8 million investment and create between 30 and 40 new jobs.
Marlowe and Cairo City Manager Chris Addleton recently participated in a teleconference with Georgia Power officials concerning Project Leaf.
“We have an ideal site for what they need and company officials will be making community visits in another five to six weeks,” Marlowe said Tuesday.
The JDA chief is also still negotiating with Project Flake. This prospect is interested in putting a distribution center here, but the estimates for building construction have been higher than anticipated, company officials have told Marlowe.
JDA member Chuck Thomas asked if Marlowe had proposed the authority build the facility for the company and lease it to them. “We could have it built for at least half the amount of the numbers I’ve seen,” Thomas said.
Marlowe agreed and projected that the cost estimates the prospect has received were likely triple what the building could be built for locally.
However, the JDA executive director says he has pushed that idea, but company officials say they have preferred developers with whom they have done business before and they would like to see if more feasible numbers are received.
Marlowe hopes to make a public announcement next month on Project T, which is setting up operations in the Heritage Industrial Complex.
“There was more work in the building than they originally thought. We are continuing to move forward,” he said.

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