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Pastor wants law against sagging pants

A local African-American minister appeared before the Cairo City Council this week requesting the city adopt an ordinance to prohibit saggy pants.
The Rev. Jeff Mills made his plea to the city council for an ordinance that would prohibit males from wearing pants that sag below their waistlines.
“What can we do to get this done?” the Rev. Mills asked city leaders.
“I don’t disagree with you at all. We talked about it a while back, but the problem is that some cities that have passed such ordinances have not been able to enforce them,” Mayor Richard VanLandingham said.
City Attorney Thomas L. Lehman agreed and said there is some question as to the constitutionality of such ordinances.
Councilman Ernest Cloud Jr. said that in previous discussions Cairo Police Chief Keith Sandefur has said that if no skin is shown, then nothing can be done.
In most instances, the men who wear the sagging britches expose their underwear, but not their bodies.
Councilman James H. (Jimmy) Douglas said he was not opposed to adopting such an ordinance, but that enforcing it would be time consuming for city police.
“I’m not saying to go out and look for them, but just as you come upon them then write them a ticket. Something needs to be done, and I hope you will look into it, the Rev. Mills said.
The mayor said the city administrative staff will obtain copies of ordinances from other cities and investigate the possibility of putting something on the books here to combat the situation.

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