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City and developer reach accord on sewer expansion

The city of Cairo is partnering with a Clearwater, Fla., developer to expand the city’s sanitary sewer to serve a proposed new RV park  located off Alton Hall Road next door to Valley Pines Golf Course.
James K. (Jim) Krivacs, representing ProSport Management, Inc., of Clearwater appeared before the mayor and council Monday night to present an executed sewer agreement between the city and Jordon Holdings, LLC, for the sewer expansion.
Under the terms of the agreement, the city and developer will split the cost of engineering, excluding surveying, equally and the cost of material and labor was divided based on benefit. The city is covering the labor and materials for the expansion of service to Jordon Holdings and any future customers, and Jordon Holdings is paying for all labor and materials that exclusively benefit the new RV park.
The total projected cost of the project is $205,434, but until the project is put out to bid the actual cost is not known. Based on the estimates of the labor and materials, the city will expend about $41,398, and the developer will spent $127,036. An additional $20,200 for engineering and $16,800 for contingencies will be split 50-50.
“We will be bidding this project out and the city will be responsible for inspecting the laying of the sewer,” Addleton said.
The city manager says the project is giving the city the opportunity to serve more customers with sewer services and saving the city money at the same time.
Addleton told councilmen Monday night that a planned rehabilitation of the Hall Road sewer lift station was estimated to cost the city approximately $60,000. By the council authorizing the mayor to execute the sewer agreement with the Florida developers, the city can abandon the Hall Road lift station and the sewer will flow down to a lift station installed at the Performance Food Service – Powell.
The city manager plans on city forces performing the work to abandon the lift station, but will contract with a private contractor to lay the sewer line to and inside the proposed RV park.
Krivacs told councilmen this week that the new plan for the RV park included more upscale amenities including concrete parking pads for RVs as well as paved interior park roads.
“It will be on the upscale side of how people do RV parks with paved streets rather than gravel and all concrete pads,” Krivacs said.
Last March, city officials ordered David McQuary, operator of Valley Pines Golf Course, to cease work on the proposed 82-lot park for recreational vehicles because necessary permits had not been approved.
Krivacs told city officials this week they would be dealing with him and not McQuary on this project.
“We appreciate you coming tonight. This will be very positive for our community and will bring people to town who otherwise might not have stayed and visited here,” Mayor Richard VanLandingham said.
The council voted unanimously to authorize the mayor to execute the agreement with the developer.
Addleton says that the developer is interested in moving forward with the project and his office will take steps to proceed with the engineering and putting the project out for bid.

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