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City seeks county partnerships

Cairo’s city manager is seeking any possible way to make city government more efficient and economical and he says some ways may involve partnering with county government.
Cairo City Manager Chris Addleton has opened the door to negotiations with county leaders about the possibility of Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous’ office collecting city ad valorem taxes and for Election Superintendent and Probate Judge Sadie Voyles coordinating city elections.
“I am always looking at ways to improve efficiency. Many other municipalities have contracted with county tax commissioners to collect city taxes. We just want to look at the cost,” Addleton said this week.
Grady County Administrator Rusty Moye briefed county commissioners Tuesday concerning Addleton’s request and he noted that he and Mrs. Gainous would come back to the commission with a recommendation that if approved could be presented to city officials for their consideration.
“Will it be the same percentage as we charged the board of education?” Commissioner Charles Norton asked.
The county administrator said the tax commissioner was on vacation and he was not sure what fee she would recommend.
The county charges the board of education a fee of 2 1/2 percent of the net taxes levied, which last year totaled $198,158.
Addleton has also discussed the possibility of the county election superintendent managing city elections.
“Judge Voyles has been very helpful and open to looking into the possibility. If the costs are justifiable I will strongly support making the change,” Addleton said.
According to the city manager, Judge Voyles is putting together some cost estimates for city consideration.

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