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Grady County Superintendent Dr. Tommy Pharis reported at 2 p.m., Friday that Cairo High School has come out from under an hour-long lock down issued so authorities could determine if a student or students had brought a firearm on campus.
According to Pharis, a relative of a student called the school and reported that a firearm was missing and it was feared a CHS student may have taken the gun to school.
“There was no actual threat, but Principal David McCurry ordered the lock down as a precaution,” the superintendent said.
School administrators and custodians immediately contacted authorities and began an extensive search of the campus, which turned up nothing. McCurry also emailed the faculty to determined if anyone had heard any rumors about a gun on campus. The responses McCurry received identified three students suspected of being involved in the incident. The three students were detained by Cairo police and were taken off campus for questioning. While the school remained locked down police found the gun at a location off campus and McCurry sounded the all clear.
“No one was ever in danger and school personnel did exactly what needed to be done. All is clear now,” Dr. Pharis said.
He added, “when there is a threat of a gun on campus that is a serious situation and we did everything possible to insure the safety and security of the school.”

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