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Addleton says insurance will cover loss at utility office

The Cairo city manager says that any money taken from the utility department will be covered by the city’s insurance.
The alleged theft is currently being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
City Manager Chris Addleton told city councilmen Monday night the city is bonded up to $500,000, and he said the alleged theft from the utility department would be covered by insurance.
City Attorney Thomas L. Lehman says that the forensic audit conducted by city auditor Tom Carmichael indicates $150,903 is missing from utility department deposits.
“I have talked with representatives of Gallagher Bassett Services, which is our insurance carrier, and what they are telling me is that more than likely it will be covered. They can’t do anything until the investigation is concluded,” Addleton said.
The city manager wanted to make the public aware the loss would be recouped through insurance and not added to utility bills.

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