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Are you interested in a community garden?

As members of the Grady County Housing Task Force has been canvassing the community in hopes of getting a clearer picture as to what the current housing situation is in the community, some citizens have expressed an interest in a community garden.
Housing Task Force Chairman Mildred Clark reports that an interest in such a venture has been expressed, but she is interested to know just how great the interest in a community garden might be.
“There are people here who may be interested but don’t know how to go about letting anyone know. We hope that response by readers of The Cairo Messenger will  help us gauge the interest,” Mrs. Clark said.
A community garden is a cooperative effort among local citizens to create a sustainable food system. Locals gain control over what they grow and preferred methods of planting, fertilizing and harvesting their crops. 
If you are interested or would like more information contact Mrs. Clark at 229-200-2640.


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