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Over 11,000 tax bills were mailed Friday, due Dec. 29

Better late than never, 11,318 tax bills were mailed to Grady County taxpayers last Friday. County and school taxes will be due and payable by Dec. 29.
Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous reports that her office has already collected $55,462.35 in taxes through Tuesday afternoon.
“We’ve been really busy with folks coming in to pay their taxes and answering phone calls from people with questions about their bill,” the tax commissioner said.
Tax bills were mailed late this year after Tax Assessor Susan Bennett submitted a flawed tax digest. The errors were not detected until after both the Grady County Board of Commissioners and Grady County Board of Education had set a tentative millage and advertised a five-year history of tax levy.
The county and school board were forced to readvertise with the correct tax figures, and that delay forced the tax commissioner to hold off mailing the tax bills.
City taxes for both residents of Cairo and Whigham will not be due until 2010 because of the flawed digest.
Both the county commission and school board held called meetings last Thursday to adopt the final millage rates, which cleared the way for Mrs. Gainous to process and mail the tax notices.
The county commission adopted a rate of 10.5 mills and the school board set the school tax rate at 12.9 mills.
However, 3,114 bills which could be appealed are being held until Nov. 20. Those bills will be due 60 days later.
The board of commissioners also recently authorized Tax Commissioner Gainous to accept partial payments of taxes to aid taxpayers who may have difficulty paying their taxes in full by the Dec. 29 deadline.
The list of the county’s top 25 taxpayers changed slightly this year as a result of new tax exemptions for timber and forest land, according to Tax Commissioner Gainous.
The total appraised value of the top 25 taxpayers fell from $210,325,454 to $196,281,714 this year. The total assessed value of the property owned by the top 25 taxpayers also dropped from $84,130,180 down to $78,512,683.
Collectively, the top 25 taxpayers will pay $1,317,497.96 in taxes, which is down from $1,366,144.20 last year.
If you have not received your tax bill, or if you have a question about your bill, contact the tax commissioner’s office at 229-377-3322.

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