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Tax assessor mails 3,320 assessment notices

Tax Assessor & Chief Appraiser Susan Bennett. File Photo

Grady County Tax Assessor Susan Bennett mailed out 3,320 change of assessment notices to local taxpayers late last week and taxpayers have 45 days  to appeal the revised assessment.
The delay in mailing out the notices also delays when the two cities, county and school board can mail tax bills.
According to county officials, the appealable value of the revaluations or changes in the tax digest exceeds three percent of the total digest. The state will not approve a digest with that much of the value under appeal.
Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous, who has no responsibility for the tax assessor office or the mailing of assessment notices, requested an extension last week for submission of the county tax digest from the Georgia Department of Revenue.
Mrs. Gainous received word this week that the revenue department has granted an extension until Nov. 1, 2009.
Both the Grady County Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education had previously advertised the required five-year history of tax levy and scheduled called meetings for tomorrow, Oct. 8, to adopt final millage and operating budgets but, because of the flawed digest, those meetings have been canceled.
As it stands now, tax bills will likely be mailed in early December and will be due and payable sometime in February 2010.
The delay in submitting a complete tax digest also impacts the cities of Cairo and Whigham.
County commissioners expressed their displeasure over the situation last week, but at Tuesday’s board meeting the only discussion of the matter was a question by Commissioner Charles Norton, who asked if the assessment notices had been mailed.

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