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Library patrons make contributions

The number of Roddenbery Memorial Library patrons stepping up to support the library financially continues to grow, according to library officials.
A total of $15,290 has been collected in the ongoing SP500 fundingraising campaign. The name of the campaign is a play on the Standard & Poor’s 500 financial index and was the idea of Brenda Darsey, the initial SP500 donor.
Roddenbery Memorial Library Director Alan Kaye says the goal is to raise $25,000 to close the gap between the library’s “survival budget” and the reduced level of funding from the three local funding sources: the City of Cairo, the Grady County Commission, and the Grady County Board of Education.
The “survival budget” is based on $475,000 coming from the three local governing bodies, but the amount the funding agencies have projected to date is only $450,000.
Members of the Grady County Board of Education have requested additional information about the “survival budget” and are considering possibly increasing the library’s funding in the 2009-2010 spending plan.
Superintendent Dr. Tommy Pharis originally recommended cutting the library funding from $136,000 to $100,000.
However, during a budget workshop last week, Chairman Teresa Gee Harris pushed for board members to take another look at the library’s appropriation.
Kaye and company are pushing forward with their fundraising drive regardless. Included in the library’s “survival budget” are up to four furlough days, but the library director is hopeful that with the combination of local funding and the proceeds of the SP500 drive library services can be maintained and furloughs prevented.
Kaye was out of his office ill this week and could not be reached for additional comment.
However, library officials reported an update in donations.
SP1000 donors of $1,000, since last week’s edition of The Messenger now includes another anonymous donor.
The Calvary Lions Club has made a $500 donation and is now a member of the growing list of SP500 donors.
SP100 donors in the $100 category now also includes Kay Chamberlin, Ben Celaya, Rep. Eugene and Patsy Maddox, BTO Partnership, General Insurance Agency, Terry and Tricia Akridge, and Mary E. Darsey.
For details about how to contribute, anyone who is able to help should call the library at 229-377-3632 or stop by 320 North Broad Street.

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