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Douglas seeking second term

District 4 Councilman James H. (Jimmy) Douglas

District 4 Cairo City Councilman James H. (Jimmy) Douglas made it official this week. The first term councilman will seek another four-year term as the District 4 representative on the city council.
“I believe I have been an asset to the city council and want to complete some of the projects that we have planned over the course of the last four years,” Councilman Douglas said Monday.
Topping the councilman’s priority list is paying off the city’s share of the newly expanded Milestone Industrial Park and implementation of the storm water drainage master plan.
Douglas has played a vital role in city government by serving as the chairman of the council’s finance committee. With his guidance, a plan is in place to pay off the industrial park expansion within the next 24 months.
“We have storm water issues all over the city and by implementing the storm water master plan, hopefully, we can begin to solve these problems,” Douglas said.
The District 4 councilman also believes his experience as a certified public accountant (CPA) will benefit the city as the local government navigates through these poor economic times.
“It is important that we continue to move forward and make improvements to the city’s infrastructure to ensure we are ready when the economy turns around to assist local industries to expand and attract new businesses to our community,” Douglas said.
During his first term on the council, Douglas is pleased with a number of accomplishments, including: the refurbishment and reactivation of the northeast elevated water storage tank; purchase of the new Quint 1 ladder fire truck; investment in the expansion of nuclear Plant Vogtle for future electric power needs; stabilization of basic utility rates and property taxes; and expansion of CNS services in order to increase revenues.
However, Douglas points out there is still much he would like to do before leaving public office.
“I have pushed on pot holes to be eliminated and have been the most vocal councilman in this effort. Thanks to the cooperation of the city crews, many of them have been filled on a timely basis, but there are still a lot out there,” Douglas said.
The District 4 councilman also wants to improve on timely mowing and clean-up around the city.
“We, as a city, should be doing everything we possibly can to improve the appearance of our community and to ensure it looks good not only for our citizens, but also to potential newcomers and businesses,” he said.
In addition to serving as the chairman of the finance committee, Douglas has also served as the mayor pro tem. Most recently, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA).
He is currently serving as the first vice president of the local district, which consists of several southwest Georgia cities.
Through his participation in GMA, Douglas has also taken advantage of continuing education opportunities. He has completed 60 hours of training in areas such as municipal finance, taxation, excellence in utilities, economic development, planning and zoning, municipal law and risk management.
“I have selected courses that I hope improve my decision making process when casting votes affecting the citizens and employees of the city,” Douglas said.
In addition to his accounting practice, Douglas is also employed as the finance director for the city of Camilla.
“I have enjoyed representing my district during the last four years and look forward to continuing that service to my friends and neighbors for another four year term. I consider myself a team player and have worked with my fellow councilmen to try to improve our city. I am asking the voters for the opportunity to continue my work,” Councilman Douglas said.
Douglas and his wife, the former Paulette Gilliard, are the parents of three grown children, Michael, Brian and Donica; and they are the grandparents of James, Joe and Parker.
Qualifying for the upcoming municipal election opens on Monday, Aug. 31, at 8:30 a.m. and will conclude at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 4.
Elections for mayor, District 2 city council and District 4 city council will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

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