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Bass elected president-elect of state organization

STATE COURT Judge Bill Bass was recently elected president-elect of the Council of State Court Judges.

Bill Bass, Sr., Judge of the State Court of Grady County, was selected to serve as president-elect of the Council of State Court Judges at its annual meeting held  recently in Young Harris, Georgia.  As president-elect, Judge Bass shall also be a member of the Judicial Council which is the governing body of the statewide Judicial Branch of Georgia.
“When 130 of your peers ask you to serve, it is an honor.  I deeply appreciate it. And, I accept the honor on behalf of the people of Grady County. Without their faith and support, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to serve.  I will continue to be an ambassador for my home county, and to represent  all state courts to the best of my ability,” Judge Bass said.
State Courts have countywide jurisdiction in seventy counties in Georgia. Last year, there were more than one million filings in State Courts, making them the busiest courts of record in Georgia. . State Courts have jurisdiction over misdemeanor criminal cases, including traffic cases, and all civil cases, except domestic relations and equity cases.
The Council of State Court Judges of Georgia is made up of more than 130 state court judges throughout the state.  As president-elect, Judge Bass will be a member of the Executive Committee and will lead the Council in finding ways to fulfill its mission to further the improvement of the state court and the quality and expertise of its judges, to maintain the impartiality of judiciary and to ensure the fair and efficient administration of justice. 

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