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Kines elected as district officer

CLERK OF SUPERIOR COURT Debbie Kines is sworn in as Second Judicial District chairperson by the Hon. Chess Fountain, clerk of Superior Court of Toombs County, who is the current president of the Superior court Clerks Association of Georgia.

A Grady County official was recently elected by her peers to serve as a district officer in this judicial district.
Superior Court Clerk Debbie Kines was elected by her fellow clerks to serve as the district chairperson for the Second Judicial District of Georgia. In this capacity, Mrs. Kines will not only represent Grady County, but 26 other south Georgia counties.
There are 10 judicial districts in the state.
As the Second Judicial District head, Mrs. Kines will preside at all district meetings and serve on the executive board of the Superior Court Clerks Association.
She will also provide information and education, as well as accept input from district members as part of her responsibilities as district chairperson.
“I am honored that my fellow clerks elected me to serve in this position. I appreciate their confidence in me to perform the duties required. I am also thankful for the opportunity to represent Grady County and Grady Superior Court on the state level,” Clerk of Courts Kines commented.
The election was held in conjunction with the 2009 mandatory continuing judicial education spring seminar held at St. Simons Island last month.
The conference, which provided nineteen and one-half hours of training, was sponsored by the superior Court Clerks’ Training Council and the Georgia Institute of Continuing Judicial Education. Roundtable discussions covered a variety of topics, and current and new legislation affecting Superior Court Clerks and the courts was presented.
Mrs. Kines has served in the Grady County Clerk of Courts office since 1974 and as Superior Court Clerk since July, 2008.

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