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County snuffs out fireworks show

Tough economic times and tight cash flows prompted the Grady County commission Tuesday night to vote against funding half of the annual $10,000 fireworks display on Independence Day.
For the last several years the City of Cairo and the Grady County commission split the cost of the July 4th fireworks show.
“As nice as it is, I just don’t see spending the money on it with the economy like it is,” Commission Chairman Bobby Burns said Tuesday night.
Commissioner Charles Renaud requested the matter be tabled until he could study the matter and gauge the feelings of his constituents, however, County Administrator Rusty Moye stated that the city needed a decision immediately.
“I don’t think the city knew that a decision needed to be made this quickly, but apparently we need to decide tonight,” Chairman Burns commented.
Commissioner Al Ball made a motion to deny and Commissioner Charles Norton seconded the motion which was passed unanimously. Commissioner Elwyn Childs was absent from the Tuesday night commission meeting.
On Monday night the Cairo city council unanimously approved the $5,000 expenditure anticipating the county commission would fund the other half.
Upon hearing the news Tuesday night, Mayor Richard VanLandingham commented, “that is sad.”
The mayor said he would discuss the situation with City Manager Chris Addleton and would bring the matter back before the city council.
According to Addleton, the city had an option of presenting the same fireworks show on either July 3 or 5 for $7,500, but for a show on the 4th it would be $10,000.
The city manager said it would be difficult for the council to agree to fully funded the show with the downturn in the economy, but would he would discuss the matter with the mayor and bring it before the city council.

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