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Tax bills mailed

Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous and Cairo City Clerk Carolyn Lee both reported this week that tax bills have been placed in the mail and taxpayers should begin receiving them immediately.
The county tax commissioner got off to a head start mailing a large batch Friday and then delivering the remainder to the post office Monday.
The city of Cairo outsources the printing and distribution of its tax bills, but Clerk Carolyn Lee said that bills were mailed from Statesboro Monday.
Tax bills postmarked by Oct. 20, which was Monday, will be due and payable on or before Dec. 20.
Mrs. Gainous mailed 13,428 bills and Mrs. Lee says the city mailed 5,500 tax bills.
If all of the taxes billed are collected the county will pull in $11,456,159 while the city will take in $1,310,689.
Taxpayers who have not received their bill or have a question about their bill should contact Mrs. Gainous’ office at 229-377-3322 or Mrs. Lee’s office at 229-377-1722.

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