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Police chief offers breakdown of overtime expense

After questioning the amount of overtime in the city police department last week, Cairo Police Chief Keith Sandefur on Tuesday issued a more detailed accounting of the overtime for the period Aug 10 through Sept. 7.
According to the chief, the 175 hours of overtime were a result of 103 hours of overtime for Cairo High School football games; 50 hours spent on a Governor’s Office of Highway Safety road check conducted in Grady County over the Labor Day weekend; and 22 hours during the recent Jackie Robinson Boys and Girls Club 5k run/walk.
At last week’s city council meeting, Councilman Kermit Gilliard, who is the superintendent of Grady County Schools, noted that there had only been one home football game played during that reporting period.
Gilliard also questioned if overtime hours for School Resource Officer Duke Donaldson was included in the police department’s monthly report. According to the District 5 city councilman, all of Donaldson’s pay, including overtime, is paid for by the school system and should not be included in the CPD report.
“I still haven’t gotten an answer to that question,” Councilman Gilliard said Tuesday.
In an email forwarded to city councilmen last Friday, the police chief agreed to provide more detailed overtime reports in the future.
In addition to the overtime for special events between Aug. 10 and Sept. 7 an additional 450 hours of overtime was paid to city policemen. Of that total, 179 hours were for officers on patrol; 153 hours for officers on court duty; 69 hours for investigators; and 49 hours for officers in training.
The 2015-2016 operating budget includes $254,196 for police department overtime expense. Through August, the remaining balance is $220,649.35.

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