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No luck yet in finding new home for Beachton dumpsters

South Grady County residents are working closely with District 3 County Commissioner Charles Norton to identify a convenient location for county dumpsters in the Beachton community, but so far they have not had much luck.
A small delegation of Beachton residents appeared before the Grady County Commission again Tuesday night to show support for keeping dumpsters in the Beachton community.
The dumpsters are currently located at the former Parkway Junction on U.S. 319 South, but the property owner wants them removed from his property. Beachton residents contend that if the dumpsters are removed the next nearest dumpster site is on the Lower Cairo Road at the Ochlocknee River.
Tony Ward, leader of the delegation, told county commissioners this week that he and other Beachton residents had been looking for suitable sites for the dumpsters to be moved to and had provided a list of possible sites to Commissioner Norton.
Geraldine Green, another south Grady County resident, asked commissioners if the dumpster could be placed on the Beachton Volunteer Fire Department property.
“The issue there is if people are there dumping when a fire call comes in they could get in the way of the fire trucks. And plus it is across the street from a church and I really don’t want to put them in front of a church or in front of someone’s house,” Commissioner Norton said.
Commissioners also heard from Beachton property owner and Cairo banker Chip Wells who voiced his opposition via a letter read into the minutes by Chairman LaFaye Copeland to placing the dumpsters at the Beachton VFD station. He also urged commissioners to be “selective” in determining where to place the dumpsters, noting that the real estate in south Grady County is the most expensive in the county.
“Well, he didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. He didn’t come up with any solutions,” Commissioner T.D. David said in response to Wells’ letter.
“We’re trying to come up with some other locations,” Chairman Copeland told the delegation Tuesday night and Commissioner Norton thanked the south Grady County residents for working with him to try and find a suitable location for the dumpster.
Norton also requested the county delay moving the dumpsters from Parkway Junction in order to give him and the Beachton community additional time to locate a new dumpster site.

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