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Commissioners meeting a lot behind closed doors

For three consecutive weeks, the Grady County Commission has gone behind closed doors to discuss personnel issues.
Coimmissioners met for over an hour during the most recent closed-door session Tuesday night. During a majority of the session, the board met without County Administrator Carlos Tobar.
Commissioners met with county auditor Tom Carmichael, Grady County Attorney Kevin S. Cauley and Grady County Clerk Carrie Kines was also present in the closed-door meeting.
After approximately 40 minutes, the administrator was summoned into the meeting and the auditor was excused.
The board took no action when the meeting was reopened to the public other than to adjourn.
County commissioners also met last Thursday for a called meeting and retreated behind closed doors to discuss personnel. At that meeting, Tobar was included in the session.
The board also met behind closed doors on Thursday, Feb. 5 to discuss personnel. At that meeting, Tobar was absent due to illness. No action was taken following the lengthy session.
Officials declined to comment on the subject of the recent closed sessions.

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