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Copleand is first woman to lead the Grady County commission

LAFAYE COPELAND was elected chairman of the Grady County Commission Tuesday morning. Commissioner Charles Norton, left, was elected vice chairman.

LaFaye Copeland, the first woman elected to the Grady County Board of Commissioners, made history again Tuesday when she was elected the first female chairman of the county commission.
Ms. Copeland is only the fourth African American elected to serve as a Grady County commissioner, following in the footsteps of the Rev. Sylvester Williams, the late Howard Copeland and Albert Ball. The late Mr. Copeland is Ms. Copeland’s second cousin.
“I am glad the other commissioners thought it fitting for me to become chairman. I’m glad to work with a good bunch of guys. They have all helped me out since I’ve been there. I appreciate their confidence in me to do the job. It’s another historic event for me,” Chairman Copeland said following her appointment Tuesday morning.
The 2015 board chair also said, “I will do my very best. My constituents are number one with me. I’m here to work for them. I’m not working for LaFaye, I’m working for them. Hopefully, this year will be a good year. We’ve got some little kinks to work out and i’s to dot and t’s to cross.”
In attendance Tuesday morning to witness Copeland’s election was her mother Vivian C. Hill.
“I’m real proud of her. She is really working hard and is doing a good job,” Ms. Hill said of her daughter.
“I’m ready. I’ve got my shoes on and I’m ready to go to work,” Chairman Copeland added.
Veteran County Commissioner Charles Norton was unanimously elected vice chairman of the commission Tuesday.
The board also reappointed Kevin S. Cauley as the county attorney and Carrie Kines as the county clerk.

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