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City to allow banners to be hung over Broad

The Cairo city council approved a new policy Monday night which will allow nonprofit organizations to hang banners over Broad Street for advertisement.
Modeled after a similar banner policy used in Thomasville, Cairo City Manager Chris Addleton recommended approval of the policy on Aug. 12, but councilmen expressed concern with Addleton’s proposed $50 fee.
The city manager was instructed to obtain estimates of the city’s cost in hanging and taking down the banners.
Based on calculations by Energy Services Director Rod Prince using 30 minutes to put up and 30 minutes to take down a banner, the cost to the city is $132.76 for labor and equipment.
The new policy stipulates banners can only be hung on North Broad Street at Eighth Avenue and on South Broad between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue.
Banners can be hung for a maximum of two weeks and the city reserves the right to remove the banner at any time if weather conditions so warrant.
After a brief discussion Councilman James H. (Jimmy) Douglas offered a motion to adopt the banner policy with a fee of $100, which the council unanimously approved.

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