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Burglars kicking in lots of doors lately

A rash of burglaries in northeast Grady County has sheriff’s investigators urging the public to report any suspicious activity.
In recent weeks, there have been at least 10 burglaries reported, including two on Woodland Road just Monday.
In each burglary, a door is kicked open or dead bolts are damaged to allow the intruders access to the home. Once inside, they take electronics and jewelry, and at least one gun has been reported stolen.
“We want people to look for suspicious vehicles not normally in the area, and call us to report it,” advises Daniel Singletary, an investigator with the Grady County Sheriff’s Office.
Singletary said most of the burglaries have occurred in the Pierce Chapel, Woodland and Akridge Roads area.
Many of the burglaries seem to be happening in the morning hours after the victims have left for work. Several times, the victims have returned home for lunch only to discover the intrusion.
In one case, however, it appears a house equipped with a security system was protected from the burglar who ran off after the kicked open door triggered the alarm.
Singletary says since he has begun his investigation, others have come forward reporting previous thefts that they had not reported before. “We need people to report burglaries when they happen,” he urges.

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