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Application for grant is not an endorsement of motocross, officials say

The Grady County Joint Development Authority has applied for a grant to conduct an economic impact study on the local motocross tracks, but authority members say they do not want the public to confuse their actions with an endorsement.
JDA Executive Director Chadd Mathis reported to the authority members Tuesday that he has applied for a grant to partner with Georgia Tech to access the impact of motocross, both positively and negatively, on the community.
Mathis said he expects to receive approval or denial by the end of the month.
JDA member Chuck Thomas said he does not have a problem with applying for a grant and conducting the study, but said he wanted the public to understand the authority is not embracing the motocross industry.
“If it looks like we are partnering with them, we’re going to get calls,” Thomas said.
“My position has been crystal clear for 10 years or more,” Thomas added.
The JDA member said the county’s lack of zoning allowed for motocross tracks to be established here, and now that they are here and operating legally, they should not be “harassed.”
Mathis said the study would show both the positive aspects and negative. The JDA executive director said he would not be interested in paying for the study, but if a grant can be obtained to pay for it, he said it would be valuable information.
“I don’t have a problem with it if we’re not spending anything on it. However, if anyone reads into it that we are embracing them, that is not accurate,” Thomas added.

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