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Cost of Aug. 21 run-off topped $68.53 per vote

Grady County officials are keeping a close eye on the budget for elections after a costly run-off election last month ate up a significant portion of the overall budget.
Elections Superintendent and Probate Judge Sadie W. Voyles calculates that the August 21 runoff election for the Republican nomination for the Second Congressional District U.S. Representative post cost taxpayers $68.53 per vote to hold.
The total cost of the runoff election here was $6,784.47 and when divided by the 99 votes cast that comes out to $68.53 per vote, according to Judge Voyles.
That is compared to approximately $3.22 per vote for the July 31 primary election in which 4,406 votes were cast. The total cost of the July 31 primary was $14,194.32.
Grady County Administrator Rusty Moye says there is just over $15,000 remaining in the budget to cover election expenses relating to the upcoming November 6 general election.
“We will be cutting it close,” Moye said.

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