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Libertarians come out in opposition to zoning law

Grady County libertarians issued a statement Tuesday in opposition to proposed zoning in unincorporated Grady County.
According to the statement, the Libertarian Party of Grady County is wholeheartedly opposed to zoning being implemented in Grady County.
“Zoning is clearly a usurpation of the individual rights of private property owners,” says John Monds, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Grady County.  The Libertarian Party of Grady County  refuses to condone a small group of statists trying to use the government to control every piece of property in the county.
“The foundation of a free society is the respect of natural rights by its people and those given the responsibility of governing. Among these natural rights is the right of individuals to possess and control the fruit of their labor or inheritance,” the statement reads.
“We members of the Libertarian Party of Grady County understand that the moral and just control of property is best served by those who have gained it on terms of consent from the previous owners,” said Monds.
“Supporters of zoning try to sell it as a way to protect the farmers. If zoning was so good, and it is not, then it would be beneficial to all property owners,” Chairman Monds wrote.
Grady County Commission Chair Charlie Norton said it best when he stated, “Almost everything a farmer does on his land today is regulated and controlled by the government.” Yet, this is not enough for those who want government to run every aspect of their neighbors’ lives, according to Monds.
The local libertarians are urging the board of commissioners to vote against moving forward with zoning.
“There is no need for public hearings on an issue that is such an egregious violation of rights. We also urge the other political parties to publicly state their position on zoning,” Monds wrote.
The Libertarian Party of Grady County, which recently organized, meets on the second Monday of each month at the Roddenbery Memorial Library at 6 p.m. All meetings are open to the public.

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