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City council wants police to fight litter

COUNCILMAN Ernest Cloud described the local litter situation as “repulsive.”

Litterers beware!
The Cairo City Council instructed City Manager Chris Addleton to request Police Chief Keith Sandefur and his department begin making cases against littering.
Councilman Ernest Cloud urged the council Monday night to be more aggressive in combating litter.
“On my way over here tonight it was just repulsive to see a car going down the road and the occupant throw out a McDonald’s cup. I think we should ask the chief to make some cases on littering,” Cloud said.
Cairo Mayor Richard VanLandingham agreed and said, “We need to raise the community’s awareness of our anti-littering ordinance and ask for the chief to get his department more involved.”
City officials believe if citizens have to pay fines for littering, the word will spread that littering is not permitted in the city of Cairo.
In related news, Keep Grady County Beautiful is hosting a Community Clean Up Day this Saturday. See ad on Page C3 for details.

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