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Inmate admits to murdering a fellow inmate

The man who beat another man to death while both were being held at the Grady County jail last year will spend the rest of his life in state custody.
Ricky Reynolds admitted to the murder, but plead guilty but mentally ill, according to District Attorney Joe Mulholland.
Reynolds was on trial for the death of Wade Harry, a 48-year-old Cairo man who was being held at Grady Detention Center on a misdemeanor charge when a fight broke out the evening of Friday, Aug. 21, 2009. Mr. Harry died four days later from massive head injuries he sustained in the brutal beating.
When considering accepting Reynolds’ plea, Mulholland said his office consulted with Mr. Harry’s family. He said the 42-year-old Reynolds had been in and out of state mental institutions five or six times through the years, and was always released after he was placed on medication.
By accepting the guilty but mentally ill plea, Reynolds would be held in a mental facility unless doctors there deemed him mentally competent, and then he would be transferred to a state penitentiary for life.”We wanted to make sure that if they do deem him competent, he gets help for his mental issues while he is there. As long as he’s not on the streets, that was our biggest concern,” Mulholland said.

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