Saturday, August 23, 2014  
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Your opinion is important to us.  Please feel free to submit comments about any story appearing in our newspaper or anything happening in our community.  We reserve the right to delete any comment from the forum, and will block members from commenting if necessary. No slanderous, libelous or malicious entries will be tolerated.

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Submitted By: AnnSubmitted: 7/10/2014
I loved the "Bring back the fireworks" editorial from Michael Best in the 7/9/14 issue. I wish someone would get it organized for next July 4th, and use all the free social media at our community's disposal to spread the word for maximum involvement.

Submitted By: LenaSubmitted: 3/26/2014
The Music Man Junior was a fantastic play performed by the students from Washington Middle School and Shriver Middle School. It was AWESOME!! It sure would have been nice to have read a mini review before they took the stage! Perhaps the crowds would have been bigger.. Shame on you if you didn't come support them!! You missed it!!

Submitted By: BobSubmitted: 3/17/2014
My admiration and a tip of the hat to Becky for her response to Poitevant's statements about Barber Park and its management. Becky, you handled that perfectly by not responding until you had the facts, something he failed to obtain before speaking.

Submitted By: BobSubmitted: 3/17/2014
I have been remiss about not commenting on David Dumas' Letter to the Editor concerning trees and saving them. He was right on. They are grown as a crop, are a renewable resource, and used for the betterment of mankind. So I say, cut the trees and use them.

Submitted By: Cat LoverSubmitted: 3/5/2014
Thank you Cairo Animal Hospital for having such a great staff.The technicians and doctors are very caring and helpful.The new facilities are absolutely fabulous.

Submitted By: CraigSubmitted: 2/11/2014
Me thinks Billy Poitevint made quite the fool of himself with badmouthing our County Recreation Director. Open mouth, insert foot Billy Boy! Scraping the bottom of the barrel for politicians here in Grady County.

Submitted By: SethSubmitted: 8/6/2013
Scott Higginbotham has had at least 2 years on the school board, with at least annual training, and he still doesn't know what he's doing.

Submitted By: Bernadette Brannock Submitted: 7/26/2013
Very excited about the development of Tired Creek Lake. It will hopefully bring a lot of Tourists to our city. If we could add an RV Campground, campers would stay awhile and enjoy our city and all it has to offer. The idea of an Aquatic Park would be ideal especially for the children. What a wonderful addition to our city. I hope you include the Aquatic park in your project plans.

Submitted By: KentSubmitted: 7/26/2013
Well Cindy, it appears that Mr. Higginbotham was looking out for more than the "well being" of the Grady County School District. Randy Wind, you were straight on with your editorial.

Submitted By: Cindy MSubmitted: 4/3/2013
Scott is looking out for the well being of our school system. They are problems that need correcting and we finally have some board members who are addressing them.

Submitted By: Ron T.Submitted: 5/13/2012
Scott Higginbotham needs to take his act to T'ville and leave it there. What an insult to teachers he is!

Submitted By: ConcernedSubmitted: 5/8/2012
gas prices in middle and north ga have been as cheap as $3.33 in the past week or so yet in a small rural community like grady county, we are still paying upwards of $3.65. I don't understand.... it's been said that prices are being set according that of Murphy's at Wal-mart..... I'd like to see somebody setup and lead Murphy's down to a reasonable price instead of following them up the latter.

Submitted By: KentSubmitted: 5/8/2012
Exciting to see that there will be new blood on the school board. It has gotten so old to see Mr. Harrell and others just rubber stamp everything Mr. Pharis sends their way.

Submitted By: SETHSubmitted: 4/22/2012
Thank goodness there isnow one Grady County school board member that is a independent thinker. Keep up the good work Mr. Higgonbottham! Tommy Pharis doesn't like his decisions questioned. He needs to be held accountable for his mistakes.

Submitted By: RobertoSubmitted: 4/16/2012
We have two Dr. Doolittle's in Georgia. One, our former Governor, Sonny Perdue; the other our very own Representative Gino Maddox.

Submitted By: Colleen DonahueSubmitted: 4/11/2012
THIS SINGLES EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED: Submitted By: Colleen Donahue Submitted: 3/29/2012 A New Club for Singles 50 and over is forming in Cairo! The introductory event is a Cinco de Mayo Celebration at The Grady Room at Roddenberry Library. 5-8 PM on May 5, 2012. Please join us! For More information call: Colleen (229) 377-9079

Submitted By: SteveSubmitted: 4/8/2012
The Messenger needs to interview our local legislators, Rep. Maddox and Senator Bulloch, and find out why they voted YES for charter legislation. Obviously these two politicians have given evidence why Georgia state politics is at the bottom in terms of ethics.

Submitted By: Colleen DonahueSubmitted: 3/29/2012
A New Club for Singles 50 and over is forming in Cairo! The introductory event is a Cinco de Mayo Celebration at The Grady Room at Roddenberry Library. 5-8 PM on May 5, 2012. Please join us! For More information call: Colleen (229) 377-9079

Submitted By: TerrellKSubmitted: 3/23/2012
I agree with Kristy. This type of entertainment is offensive and misogynistic. Unless these high school kids are celebrating the Gay Lesbian and Transgender life style. This sort of entertainment might work to show the plight of the gay community in some way. But I have too agree, even for a good cause this type of entertainment doesn't seem right. Maybe we just need to drop this tradition.

Submitted By: kristySubmitted: 3/23/2012
Isn't it time to let go of the "entertainment" value of men dressing as stereotypical women? Even under the guise of -for a good cause-it seems there is a small seed of mean disrespect towards women. We don't see white people putting on black face to parody black entertainers anymore because that is generally offensive. And I know that most southerns are offended when northerners exaggerate southern traits. Isn't anybody else even a little offended or a bit uncomfortable by this tradition of one half the population making fun of the other half? I'm interested to hear other opinions.

Submitted By: JLSSubmitted: 3/2/2012
First Iwould to say I love Cairo and Grady County, Ido not love the way it is being trashed, I deal with this everyday in my own yard,I keep a very nice yard and it makes me sick to see our roads and highways being litterd with trash, cant we do something about this? This is shameful!!!!

Submitted By: Bob MaigeSubmitted: 2/27/2012
The title given my recent Letter to the Editor was a bit misleading. I didn't and don't question the validity of the study when it was done. I do question the use of a ten year old study done under vastly different economic conditions than now exist to attempt to support zoning. I also question the use of that study by another writer who implies zoning is the sole reason for economic advances in some areas when the study plainly states it is only one of several practices that did.

Submitted By: DanSubmitted: 2/15/2012
What's up with Party Line Gene Maddox voting FOR HR 1162? He ain't no friend of Grady County Public Schools! We need a story about how he's a votin in Atlanta.

Submitted By: David DumasSubmitted: 4/24/2011
Any couples that play rook here?

Submitted By: Mickey LangfordSubmitted: 4/5/2011
I want to commend the Calvary and Reno volunteer fire departments for a job well done. I was is a wreck Tuesday morning (4/5). A tree had fell across the road and unfortunately by the time I saw it, it was too late. I ran into and through it. My truck and another truck also suffered the same fate. Both fire departments were professional and efficient in sawing up the tree and getting it removed. I also want to commend all the civilian volunteers who pulled sawed tree limbs to the side of the road. Great job again to them and the two Grady County Sheriff officials who worked the wreck. Kudos To All!!!!!

Submitted By: daishaSubmitted: 3/30/2011
i'm with you dana, isn't everything we do for our kids, well library, ur not doing anything but wasting money on light bill, when children and parents can't even check out a book, b/c of closing hours. whoever is in charge of the library: wanna keep info, from ppl. cuz we ain't gettin like we should!......NOUGH SAID:)

Submitted By: BobSubmitted: 12/12/2010
I see the commissioners voted 3-2 to move the dumpsters on Long Branch Church Road to a new spot .12 mile from the currrent site due to the "stench" from them at Barber Park. For any short on math that is a distance of about 634 feet around a corner, and not much further from portions of Barber Park than they now are. In addition, they will be moved out of an existing and paid for chain link fence that keeps trash from being scattered by the wind. Will taxpayers now have to purchase a new fence? I must say this doesn't appear to me to be a very intelligent decision.

Submitted By: Celina BearssSubmitted: 12/8/2010
As an employee of Roddenbery Library, I would like to address some of the comments made on this forum. The library had no choice but to alter the operating hours because our funding was so severely cut. All the public sees is that we are closed. With the reduction in library hours it also meant a reduction in personnel hours. Everyone at RML has lost weekly wages because of the reduction. In addition, benefits have been altered and reduced. We are all thankful we haven’t lost our jobs completely, but everyone has sacrificed something. Saturday is our least busy day of the week, so it was chosen as the day to close and Monday is the busiest. As for Mule Day, everyone was there volunteering their time to prepare for it and show up just to get a little money into the library because every penny literally counts at this time. We all have a genuine gratefulness to the many supporters that do feel the library is a valuable place to invest their donations.

Submitted By: Cairo ResidenceSubmitted: 11/24/2010
I think that the Grady County hospital needs to be shut down! While I was in preterm labor an employee had a stray cat inside the maternity part! I think the place is very unsanitary! It is just a band-aid station!! I will never use that hospital again!!!

Submitted By: Christa ShiverSubmitted: 11/23/2010
Everyone needs to start paying attention to how employees are being treated at John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital. If the hospital is treating the employees wrong then that will affect how patients are being treated. If "Patients come first" then treat your employees with respect.

Submitted By: kenSubmitted: 11/17/2010
Great. Randy Wind has decided that the Messenger needs to bend over backwords for immigrants who have chosen NOT to learn English. I think its time to boycott this paper. I want to see something in Spanish, I'll go to Mexico. This is ridiculous!

Submitted By: Kyle SSubmitted: 11/9/2010
I saw the Roddenberry Library folks at Mule Day last week wanting donations. I'm not giving them a dime until they expand their hours to adequately serve families who cannot take their children to the libraries between 9-5 on weekdays and during the few hours they're open on Saturdays. The library is a place for parents to take their children to learn, and Cairo's closes before families can even set foot in the door. Instead, kids are forced to do without expanding their intellect through their local library. Shame on them for operating like bankers. Do the community a real service and open for business when people can actually come by.

Submitted By: Sharla DSubmitted: 9/30/2010
I understand the cutting of hours for the library, but why sat. this is good time for families to go to the library together. Why not close on a Monday or Tuesday?

Submitted By: Tom Submitted: 8/18/2010
I would like to thank the employees of Stallings Dodge especially David Stewart for the exceptional customer service and dedication upon purchasing my vehicle. Proof that quaility customer service comes first to them.

Submitted By: ErrinSubmitted: 6/30/2010
Why is there no after school care for middle schoolers? I am new to the area, and I was told by the middle school that there is not an after school program for middle schoolers. I am sorry, but just because a child is in middle school, does not mean that they do not need supervision after school! This is ridiculous!!!!!

Submitted By: Sharon DickensSubmitted: 6/17/2010
I have a group of archers from our local archery club who want to hunt hogs. If someone could offer them a place to hunt, we'd be glad to host them for a Kentucky whitetail deer hunt. Call Hugh 270-499-0202 or email us at

Submitted By: janaSubmitted: 6/17/2010
I totally agree with you Cairo Tax Payer. No money for the library, or improvements to roads, and jobs are being cut in the school system but the NEW City Chamber has granite countertops and custom cabinets - Seems appearances matters more than substance! A big shame!

Submitted By: Cairo Tax PayerSubmitted: 6/10/2010
No money for the library, or improvements to roads, and jobs are being cut in the school system but the NEW City Chamber has granite countertops and custom cabinets - Seems appearances matters more than substance! Shame on you!

Submitted By: Marla BrinsonSubmitted: 6/9/2010
I support the Grady Co. BOE in cutting funds to the public library. These are tough economic times, people are losing their jobs, homes and self worth. We need our public schools to have the funds to employ teachers and support staff so the students of today will be leaders of tomorrow. Sometimes as adults we have to make sacrifices for the future of our kids. Stop whining about the library closing on Saturdays, we need that money to stay in our schools.

Submitted By: Submitted: 3/15/2010
I am looking for any descendants of Bertha S Nixon who died around 1996 and whose last known address was 15th Street SW in Cairo. She was a cousin of a Lucy (Solloms? or Bell?) Williams of Thomasville, and who died in 1972. Mrs Nixon is listed as the contact person (cousin) on Mrs. Williams death certificate. Reply to PB 13386 Atlanta, Ga 30324-0386

Submitted By: SherelleSubmitted: 2/15/2010
James, the school you are looking for is Washington Consolidated High School which is now called Washington Middle School. 1277 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue Cairo, GA 39828-2899 (229) 377-2106

Submitted By: james williamsSubmitted: 12/19/2009
I am looking for a high school that burned down in 1955 called, Washington High School in cairo ga, I am looking for my mother school photos and school information.

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